Monday, April 6, 2009

Death and Gardasil

First of all, i would like to thank a fellow blogger for the link on Gardasil, the first vaccine towards cervical cancer.
Indeed i must admit the fact that there has been numerous reports on mortality as well as morbidity associated with Gardasil. Indeed as a consumer who have heard of such coverage on death and side effects associated with the vaccine would think twice before getting vaccinated.Even I would think twice before subjecting my daughter or wife to it.
I would like to clarify that i am not paid in monetary or by any other means to state the facts, nor am i trying to influence the public on deciding whether to get oneself vaccinated, if decidedly so, which company/product to chose from.
As this vaccine is considered revolutionary, and a huge step towards fighting a once an incurable disease, i would like to encourage the public to find out the facts from your physician on the pros and cons on these vaccines, and its various chemical components in making these vaccines.
Thanks to internet, it enable us access to perpetually anything with a stroke of the finger. One's confidence on these vaccines towards a killer disease would be perpetually blown to bits just by keying the words "cervical vaccine death". Indeed the number of deaths and morbidity associated with the mentioned vaccine is worrying, and it will take millions of dollars and multiple campaigns to keep the fear at bay.But I would encourage fellow reader not to believe blindly the contents in the net as these claims are written by individuals based upon their individual experience. The best way to verify these i information is through your  physician.
Between the two, I prefer Cervarix as my vaccine of choice as i have facts and its ingredients used in production of this vaccines.
Readers can read it from here.
Again, as a medical practitioner, i feel obliged to provide an unbiased facts towards the public.
Ultimately the choice is yours. As we living in an era where we have unlimited access to information, I would encourage you to do your own research or talk to your physician (provided they are well versed in this topic). Now that vaccine against this killer disease is available, and considering the fact that cervical cancer is the number 2  cancers related death in woman, I STRONGLY suggest to all to get yourselves protected. Be proactive and verify for your own self satisfaction concerning these stated "hazards" related to these vaccines.