Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Reduced price for Cervical Cancer Vaccination

The pharmaceutical company GSK made a noble decision by cutting the cost of their revolutionary product, the vaccine against Cervical Cancer, Cervarix. Its unlike any company that prioritize profits and gains. For this, I thank the management of GSK.
I had given a long thought about this, and i asked myself, I shouldn't raise the charge on the patient otherwise it beats the purpose for providing a protection against a deadly disease that is the number 2 killer of all cancers, Cervical cancer.
In support of GSK noble intention, i have lowered the price much further.
I am trying to convey the message to the masses that DO NOT EVER think Cervical cancer cannot happen to you. As long as you are a female, and sexually active, you should get yourself vaccinated in addition to your annual Pap Smear. 
I would like to explain a little bit more on Cervical Cancer.
Though i had posted 2 postings on importance of getting Cervical Cancer Vaccination.
First of all, never assume that cervical cancer would never happen to you. Get this, in 2003, 12.9% women died. In Asia Pacific, a woman dies of cervical cancer every 4 minutes.
My sincere advice is for you to get yourself vaccinated.Our price per dose is certainly a small price to pay compared to the financial,emotional, and psychological trauma that you had to endure while getting treated IF being diagnosed to have Cervical Cancer in future, and bear in mind that the carcinoma of cervix would be in advanced stage by the time they exhibit the first symptom.
Go to the nearest clinic and look for this sticker that say:-
Graph indicating cervical cancer at the 2nd leading killer amongst women cancer patient
It normally manifest itself while you are at the prime of your life.
Human Papilloma Virus(HPV) is the responsible virus that causes cervical dysplasias which would lead to Carcinoma in situ.

Its various stages of spread of the cancer. Lets have a closer look
Normal stage on examination over at the left picture. Right picture showing early stage 1B cervical cancer
If still left untreated....
Middle picture shows early stage 1B cervical cancer.Cervical cancer still limited to cervix. Left untreated, it will worsen to late stages of 1B where cervical cancer still limited to cervix.
Look at the picture at the far left, Stage 2B , Carcinoma Cervix.
So ladies or parents who are concern for themselves or their loves ones, please get vaccinated as soon as possible. I can't emphasize on the saying that prevention is better than cure!

Ladies, if you were to speak to cervical cancer survivor, they will definitely tell you, if there is such a vaccine available previously,they would have got themselves vaccinated without hesitation.