Friday, October 21, 2011

Why am I so aggresive in effort to create awareness?

I may have written about this in a post long time ago, but I completely understand if new readers are reluctant in reading every post that I wrote. It gets bored after a while.
Today, creating awareness among women on the availability of cancer prevention has become more of a personal crusade rather than merely a doctor's responsibility. Even if I am able to reach out to a single person, it's a personal achievement for me.
It all started back in 2006 when the first vaccine, Gardasil came into the market. I didn't pay much attention to it. All I knew back then was that the vaccine is to prevent cervical cancer,and it's way too expensive. It cost RM800+ per jab. It was a challenge to explain to parents of young girls as the public perceptions on cervical cancer back then is associated with sexual promiscuity, which later i found out it's not true. The mere suggestion of prevention of "cervical cancer" angered many parents who storm out of the clinic, which obviously left me flabbergasted.
After a while, I gave up promoting Gardasil(I am glad to think about it now).
Then 2008, when Cervarix came into the market, it was comparatively cheaper, yet it's still expensive. Though it's about RM400 per jab, but how many working class people can afford to take the jab, and considering the public awareness about cervical cancer is so low not only among the public but the doctors as well.
I didn't take it so seriously initially, until one day when a man came for treatment of his sorethroat. Somehow I can't remember how our conversation ended talking about his wife. His eyes turned red and tears trickled down his cheeks. His wife just passed away merely 3 months ago due to cervical cancer, despite her Pap Smear report stated everything was normal. He doesn't know who to blame and I doubt she would ever have a closure as her wife did her annual Pap smear religiously. He started to cry right in front of me. Claiming that the world is unfair to him. Why was his wife taken away from him and his two young children. She was just 43 years old.
I felt for him. It affected me, badly. When he left, I was sitting on the chair, contemplating on what he mentioned to me. A full grown man, crying in front of me. His statement about how unfair God was to him for taking his wife away despite the medical report stated everything was normal. How was it possible?
This wasn't the first case. 2 months later, I had 2 similar cases where sister of the deceased questioned me who to blame? Similar case. Normal Pap Smear report, but 6 months later, passed away due to cervical cancer.
Since then, I begin to do my own research online. Contacting the pharmaceutical company requesting for data on death due to cervical cancer. I was shocked to find out that cancer is rated as the second highest among the causes of death in women, and cervical cancer was rated number 2 after breast cancer.
Then I realized how significant the discovery of cervical cancer prevention vaccine is. It's revolutionary, life saving, and marks a milestone in the field of medicine. Progress has been gradual throughout the years, but with the discovery of such vaccine, it marked the progress by leaps and bounds. Perhaps in future, the other progress that carries similar significance and importance in its impact on human is perhaps the discovery of cure for AIDS.
I may not have felt fully the pain, but I do understand its degree, and it's effect not only on the patient but also the caretaker and family member as well.
Last year, my aunt who was 52 years old came to me with jaundice. Immediately my heart sank as I mentioned to her the most probable cause of jaundice at her age. Pancreatic cancer was the top of the list. I referred her to Selayang Hospital for a CT Scan to confirm my diagnosis. I prayed and hoped I was wrong. I prayed hard that I was merely overzealous and over did on my diagnosis. 2 weeks later, the report came out. The thing that I dreaded the most came out to be true. She had a pancreatic tumour that blocked her hepatic duct, and it has spread to the adjacent blood vessel, hence surgery is out of the question. When I saw her for the first time, she was a hefty 83kg lady, but 9 months later when she passed away, she was merely 35kg.
It was the painful 9 months of seeing her dying day by day. She comes to my clinic nearly every week for IV infusion as she constantly gets dehydrated. She was constantly in pain, couldn't sleep, every position she sits was uncomfortable. Her remaining life was miserable.
I was there by her deathbed. She passed away as 2.45am. The impact on my uncle was tremendous.
He was psychologically, mentally, and emotionally in a wreck. He would burst out into tears whenever he's alone, suffered from insomnia, often woke up hourly drenched in sweat, talks to his deceased wife's photograph, visits her grave on a daily basis. He was hospitalized 3 times for not eating and ended up with bleeding ulcers.
I saw the way my uncle suffered. I made a decision to create an awareness and promote prevention of cervical cancer a personal crusade. I believe a person is already dead on the inside the moment they've been told to have cancer.
I offered the cheapest price for cervical vaccination in KL, or even perhaps the nation. I don't intend to make a profit out of this life saving vaccine. I created a blog purely for women to read and gain more knowledge from the comfort of their own home as I understand how reluctant they can be when approaching a male doctor.
Then the worst case scenario happened to me personally. My father was diagnosed with lung cancer 8 months ago. he is undergoing chemotherapy. I was depressed. I became a different person. I became withdrawn, often cry alone in the clinic. I lost my faith on God. My father is a God loving man, he does tremendous amount of charity work, donated a dialysis machine, and drive for 1 1/2 hours every week to a spastic centre where the resident would be covered with feces and urine, and my dad would wash and clean them up, bathe them, feed them, and dressed them up. He has been doing that without fail for the past 12 years. Prior to that, twice weekly for 20 years, both my parents would go to the hospital just to spend time talking to patients, to cheer them up. He doesn't smoke, nor drink. There's isn't anyone in the family who has cancer. My dad was the first. I questioned God. After three decades for being such a humble servant, WHY MUST THIS HAPPEN TO HIS????
I was depressed that i shut myself up. I don't communicate with my wife or children after work. My mind was in dark, evil, and tempting places do so silly things. There were days where 4-5 days would pass by without taking a single meal. I ignored the hunger. I lost 20kg within 3 months.
Time heals everything. But my life was hell then. I was about to trash the prayer's alter at home. I was in the prayers room, hand was tightened into a fist, was about to smash everything up, until my three year old came into the room. Sensing something wrong, she innocently asked me," What's wrong,daddy?" I was in tears. She immediately hugged my leg. I gave her a tight hug while crying my heart out. Immediately, I calmed down.
I knew then I needed help, badly. I opened up to my wife, my parents, and I am not ashamed to admit that I was seeing a therapist to talk about my depression.
I bought a punching mannequin where I would punch till my hands bleed despite covering my hands with multiple layers of crepe bandages and wore a MMA approved glove. I was still angry. With each punch I would ask myself WHY! WHY! Even with a loaded gun wouldn't solve my problem.I can't
But the moment i opened up to my wife and my parents, they started to understand the reason for my changed behaviour and mood swings. I was emotional, and my mind was constantly filled with filth.
I accepted the fact that my dad has cancer today. And the best thing that I can do right now is to spend more quality time. Live life day by day. The past is the past and there ain't nothing you can do about it, the future is unpredictable. The only thing that we can truly call our own is the present.
I started to see things differently from a different perspective. I am a happy person, genuinely happy.
I started appreciating the vivid colours of the flowers outside of my house, the early chirps of birds seem to greet me in the morning while walking towards my car, and the branches of trees seem to wave hi to me.
I've been to hell and back. Nobody would believe I lost 20kg within 3 months, except for my parents and wife. Everyone thought I was on diet or on some diet pills. But do you think dieting and diet pills would not make you lose weight so fast.
What I am trying to convey to fellow readers is that there are illnesses that exist today that doesn't have cure. But when you have a preventive measure available, please make use of it. It would be a crying shame to be diagnosed with cervical cancer when there are methods to prevent and detect it at an early stage.
Please do not be ignorant. Ignorant ain't bliss in such matters. Cervical cancer though today is ranked third as the cause of death, nevertheless there are over 5 million new cases in ASIA pacific alone... ANNUALLY.
Please ladies, get your vaccination today. Don't procrastinate anymore. There are many cancers that affect humans, but when it's ranked 3rd and there is a method to prevent it, prevent it then.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Phone service restored

Dear reader. On behalf of Management of Klinik Wan Dan Keluarga, we are pleased to inform you that our phone service has been restored. You may call in at 03-62722678 for information regarding this clinic and it's service provided. Thank you.

Yours sincerely,
Dr Wan Chee Hung

Phone are down..

On behalf of management of Klinik Wan Dan Keluarga, we would like to inform you that our key phone system is temporarily down pending repair. Any attempt to contact the doctor would need to be either through email of directly to my cell phone at 0122917360. Sorry the inconvenience caused.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

My source of passion.....

My in depth passion to educate the public stemmed from deep down within my heart where I genuinely concerned over misinterpretation, wrong knowledge, wrong impression on these wonderful vaccine. I sincerely doubt anyone sees the significance of the discovery of such vaccine which marks a milestone in the history of medicine and mankind.
It all started at around 2006, where the first vaccine, Gardasil was launched. I didn't pay much attention to it. Well of course back then I have not started studying in depth regarding how rampant cervical cancer is. All that I knew back then was 2 things. First, it's an extremely expensive vaccine, and I doubt the community would accept it with open arms. As a matter of fact, I angered a few parents when I merely suggested the vaccine, to my dismay soon I realized the parents whom I spoke to had the impression that I view their daughters to be potentially promiscuous, hence my recommendation for the vaccine.
After several attempts to talk to parents, I knew I failed judging from the reaction from them.
I remember very well, a couple actually condemned me for suggesting it and stormed out from the clinic.
Since then, I stopped promoting the vaccine.
Back then, Cervical Cancer is almost always associated with unhealthy sexual behaviour, which today after studying in details on it, it's not.

One may contract the disease even with only one single partner.
With price exceeding RM800 per jab, I knew for sure it will receive poor response. I gave up then.
Tlhen GSK launched  Cervarix at 2008. The price then was around RM400+. Back then I wasn't paying much attention to it. After several month, GSK slashed the price by 60%,hence making it more affordable for the public.

Now how I developed the passion was an interesting tale. 2009, I had three patients, a man and 2 ladies. I can't recall for what reason they came, but I treat all my patient with genuine and whole hearted. Some how the conversation revolves cervical cancer. The gentleman's eyes started tearing up the moment he mentioned about his deceased with from Cervical Cancer. He claimed that his wife never missed her Pap Smear, and the result was reported normal. However 6 months later, the wife died from cervical cancer. From the conversation we had, I can tell this gentleman will never get a closure to the wife's tragic death. He literally cried, and questioned how was it possible the Pap Smear reported normal, yet she passed away from cervical cancer. I doubt this poor gentleman will ever have a closure and will never except the reality that the wife is no longer around. Who to blame? The test? the doctor?
I felt an overwhelming sadness and how I wished I could comfort the man, but i know its impossible.
The story from the two ladies similarly resembles when their sibling died despite yearly Pap smear stated normal finding. Its  unfair, and I felt the pain when they tell their stories. I was overwhelmed and told myself I will study the faults for the false positive result that cost lives.
The more I delve into finding the faults of conventional Pap Smear, I realized there must be a more accurate screening method to counter the faults of conventional Pap Smear.
Then I found out a more accurate method called Thin Prep Pap Smear which was made available since 1996.
I started promoting TPPS in my blog, but the response was poor.
2009 was the year my aunt was diagnosed to have Pancreatic cancer. Every month, she would come to my clinic for check up. The first time I diagnosed her, she was a hefty 86kg lady. Her 9 months ordeal was the most depressing experience  in my career as a doctor. I see her getting emaciated, the tumour was eating her as time goes by. Until the last visit, she weighs 35kg.
I accompany her to the hospital and was there by her deathbed... I was there when she blew her last breathe.
My uncle was devastated, he lost his appetite,was hospitalized twice, and whenever he's alone at home, he would talk to late wife;s photo,the wife's favourite dog. Out of  the sudden he would burst  into tears, having difficulty sleeping, having to wake up every two hours drenched with sweat.
I was there witnessed the psychological and  mental damage it has one my uncle. Once a week, he would visit my aunt's grave.
Witnessing all these, I was determined that with a vaccine so revolutionary, I try my best, I dedicate this blog purely to educate the public, that now they have a choice to say no to cervical cancer, the number 2 killer among women. I tried hard, and even if I managed to reach out to a single lady to agree to vaccinate,I feel contented. This crusade, to reach out to the masses has become personal to me. I do not want ANYONE to go through what my aunt faced. Even when she's gone, the damage is still felt my the family member.
That is why I don't mind spending hours explaining to patients about this vaccine for free. There are 500,000 new cases everyone, out of which 270,000 is from Asia Pacific.
Patients asked me why am I relentlessly promote this vaccination. After reading this, I hope you'll understand why. I am not making profit from this vaccination, and the price that I offer is the cheapest in the entire nation. Its not fame that I am after, but I want to make this vaccine affordable to all walks of life.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

New site of injection

95% of patient who received the injections would complained of pain to almost right off the pain chart, however, I am glad to inform you that alternatively we can inject at the thigh which I had done for a number patients already. They had claimed the new injection site is far lesser pain.
However, the injection is not recommended through the gluteal(buttocks) as the pad of fats prevents the vaccine from being delivered into the muscle as its supposed to. Unless of course you don't mind me using a larger bore needle!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Many "syabas" and "tahniah" to our Malaysian Medical Association for kick starting a year long program where the cost for Cervical Cancer vaccination is partially subsidized by them. For this particular
campaign, I salute to the policy maker, to whom who had to pull strings to make this happen.
For this
Ribuan Tahniah dan ucapan Syabas.
Current market price for a dose of Cervarix ranges from RM300+ to RM180++. With this campaign specifically targeted at girls of age 14-19 years old will benefit as the cost of vaccination would be subsidized by MMA(why not MOH??)
The total cost for vaccination is RM466 under such program.
So why wait, don't procrastinate any longer, register with the nearest clinic near you that took part in such program to enjoy the price cut. I hope I don't sound much like a salesperson, but merely reaching out to the public to take advantage of this.
1st Dose
Remember to bring the ID of the recepient
and RM 233
2nd dose
- RM 233
3rd dose

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

My Email Reply to an inquiry

Dear respected Miss ****,
First of all, I would like to apologize for my seemingly short reply,hence giving you the impression that "I don't care" or "it doesn't matter to me" kinda impression. As you many have noticed, I was replying through my IPhone, hence the limitation .
Now,my uttermost passion for cervical cancer prevention stemmed from three patient of mine, who came to me. I prefer the term socializing rather than consultation. I had a man, who lost his wife a few months back due to cervical cancer despite her wife being doing her Pap smear annually. The Pap Smear report was normal. However, 6 month later, she succumbed to cervical cancer.
He started to sob as he speak, and I somehow could feel the pain and torment the gentlemen is experiencing. He started questioning the doctor who performed the test, questioning God, he  simply couldn't accept the fact.
I doubt if he will ever have a closure in such matter. Unless if he openly admit that he has accept the fact that his wife is no longer with him. He has 2 daughters and 1 son.
Then I encountered three similar cases.
Then the desire started to build within me to get myself well versed with cervical cancer, and my desire was reaffirmed with the death of my aunt due to pancreatic cancer. UNLESS you have a family member or friend who is close to you who had died from cancer, one wouldn't understand the psychological,emotional, and mental trauma both the patient and family member experienced.
I was the one who diagnosed my auntie's cancer, and I see through her 9 months battle with pancreatic cancer was the most painful thing. I was there by her deathbed when she died.
Cervical cancer is the 3rd commonest cancer in Asia Pacific. The discovery of the vaccine is revolutionary and marked a milestone in medical history and perhaps even changed the course of history of mankind. It's the second cancer where you have the power to chose NOT TO HAVE instead of merely living healthily and HOPE that one wouldn't get it.
Among the two vaccine, Cervarix is a a better choice by hundred of folds. You may visit to know more about it.
I sincerely believe a good health care is a basic human right, hence I charge a very low price to enable more group of people to get themselves protected against this dead disease.
 I hope I have answered your questions. Please drop mail if you want to know more about this vaccine.Thank you.

Yours sincerely,
Dr Wan Chee Hung(MBBS,Man)
Family Practice, Aesthetic and Anti-Aging Medicine
Klinik Wan Dan Keluarga.(Map)