Saturday, September 25, 2010

Don't be shy for Pap Smears if done by Male doctors.

In view at the fact that Pap Smear has saved million of lives worldwide, to my personal opinion, one shouldn't feel shy about getting your Pap Smear done by a male doctor.
In Klinik Wan & Keluarga, we conduct Pap Smear by using the Thin Prep Pap Smear only, as conventional Pap Smears yield a significant number of false negative in it's result due to poor sampling collection and deposition of samples onto the slides.
In case if you are shy about the doctors being a male, and that the examination seemed "violating", well, to the doctor who sees both the male and female genitalia day in and out, it's nothing sexual.
Personally, its no difference from looking beneath the hood of my car to see what's wrong with it.
Seriously! I am not trying to be funny here. I am genuinely concern for your well being because you meant a lot to someone, either your parents, boyfriends, husbands,children, and my aunt was to my uncle. And I see the trauma that my uncle bears up til today, though it's been seven months since her passing due to pancreatic cancer.
Normal price for Thin Prep Pap Smear is RM90, but at Klinik Wan & Keluarga, we charge at only RM60, believing that access to proper health care it a basic human right.
Don't take chances.. Talk to your doctor today.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Successful campaign..

First public vaccination campaign-- success..
Hitler managed to convince a crowd of 2 million that their Aryan background is superior, that led to the elimination of 2 million Jewish during the Holocaust.
This man, the greatest orator of all time.....
drove his people to commit this
Genocide to the Jewish.
While Anthony Robbins, the great sort after self improvement speaker,
..Convinced his attendees to practice "Mind over matter" exercises by walking on burning hot charcoal.
While me....tried and  succeeded in getting people to protect themselves against cervical cancer by a painful vaccination.
That's the number of emptied vaccine syringe.
This is very encouraging, and as the effort that I put in creating awareness begins to sap away, this rejuvenates me and justifies and reaffirms my worthwhile effort.

Monday, September 20, 2010

All prepared for mass vaccination in IBM.

I am all stocked up now for the first mass vaccination.
At last, the effort and my aspirations materialized. To provide patient with proper health care with an affordable price.
I am considering lowering the price even more, specifically targeted at the lower income group of people.
I am looking at at somewhere around RM150 per dose.
I simply hoped that more people will be aware of the impact cervical cancer has on our society. Unless you know someone who had died of cancer of suffering from cancer, onl then would you able to understand how it felt like.
Death is inevitable, but the question  is, whether or not one dies with their dignity intact.
Trust me, there is no glory nor dignified in dying from cancer.