Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Revised price for Thin Prep Pap Smear

While getting ready to work yesterday, i thought to myself what else can be done reach out to more people concerning Cervical Cancer awareness.
Recently I found out Tzu Chi Buddhist group foundation jabs their followers with Cervarix at RM130+. Wow!
There are only two way one could get such a good price. Someone must have purchased it in a large lot with the best bonus.Unfortunately, it's only for Tzu Chi members.
I am not running a charity clinic,yet I want to give something back to the society as I felt compelled to do so.
The price for Cervarix will remain competitively low.
Unless of course GSK is willing to further bring down the price. Then I will definitely reduce the price further.
Then it struck me, perhaps there are two other things which I can still try to do(irrespective of the result, more importantly is the attempt) to enable people of the lower income group to get themselves protected.
Out of the available methods of Pap Smear today, Thin Prep Pap Smear still be a choice for a more thorough and accurate sampling, hence accurate result.
I took some time and thought of several possibilities:-
1. to lower the price for Thin Prep Pap Smear from RM90 to RM60, and each test were done using sterile gloves and disposable speculum.
Normal price of Thin Prep Pap Smear will be reduced from RM90 to RM60.
Sample are collected using the prepacked sterile brush for Thin Prep Pap Smear.
For hygienic purposes, only once only disposable speculum are used.
Hence, the whole package will cost RM60 instead of RM90, which has just begun yesterday.
My sincere plea to all readers to inquire more knowledge on Cervical Cancer, as it is the one of two cancers that we are given a choice whether to be willfully protected, rather than leaving to chances. It would be a crying shame when this revolutionary vaccine that is available in the market, yet there are few hundreds of new cases and at 2 deaths everyday due to Cervical Cancer in Malaysia.
Ladies and gentlemen, is has never and will ever be a stigma to get yourselves or your daughter or wife examined.

As a matter of fact, it is probably be one of the most important decision you've made in your life.
To demonstrate to you how rampant Cervical Cancer is in Malaysia, recently I've conducted a Cervical Cancer Prevention week, where I performed Thin Prep Pap Smear only on 4 individuals, out of which one of the four's test result came back as such.
...and when I proceeded with HPV DNA test where the samples are sent to Australia to identify presence of HPV virus and it's subtype.... it reads,
HPV subtype 16,18,31,33,45 are ranked top five that causes Cervical Cancer.
I sincerely ask the public please take care of your health.Please make use of the available "tools" today to detect and prevent this deadly disease before it fully develops.
This reaffirms my belief that one shouldn't have the attitude where disease as such won't happened to them.
It happened to my aunt, it happened to my mother in law. Do you think if ever given a choice, would they want it???
2.Income base/age base
Based upon the income of an individual, where patient would require to bring their pay slip. Monthly income below a certain amount would be charged much lower than proposed price. This will be implemented soon, but yet to ascertain the cut off income point and the price offered.
3.Organize outreach program
90-95% of individuals who have heard of cervical cancer vaccine are urbanite, yet those who stepped forward for the vaccine is rather discouraging and insignificant. Perhaps to organize a talk in the rural area would be a good idea. It has never been tried for this vaccine, which doesn't mean it won't be receptive.
Ladies,please approach your doctor and ask regarding Cervical Cancer.With the availability of this vaccine, there is no one else to blame if one day your doctor informs that you've got cervical cancer.

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