Thursday, July 30, 2009

What do i think about Cervarix.

It a pity whenever a new revolutionary drug is made available, there is almost always a number of individuals who aren't from medical background started passing negative remarks about this drug based on what they've read from postings in the internet by another non medical background individual. They would come up with paranoid ideas that these drugs are part of the government conspiracy for population control, accusing these giant pharmaceutical companies for producing these useless and potentially harmful drug just for the sake of financial gains.
People.....use your God given grey matter!(brain)
1. Population control, Jezz.... isn't easier to pass out law like in China where one couple-one child policy?
2. Why would Government approve of them if they don't meet certain safety criteria and felt the need to have such a drug?
3. These companies spent hundred of million of dollars conducting test for years to establish a standard of efficacy and safety for the consumers.
4. Yes, 32 people died as reported after receiving the vaccine. that's 32 out of tens of millions of people.
Well, does that means road traffic fatalities which increases yearly, the government should ban the use of vehicles?
5. I stand by the new vaccine Cervarix, based upon the data of their medical case studies. What studies was conducted to prove otherwise?
6. Dr Quek, who is the world renowned consultant gynaecologist who specializes in pre cancer screening who is not affiliated to any of these pharmaceutical companies urges doctor to create awareness among the community about Cervarix and cancer screening. Do you seriously think he is part of the "Government Conspiracy" too?
7. What about Professor Peter Leslie. You can check his profile in the internet. Why would he even bother to come down to Malaysia to give talks and held seminars about these vaccines? Are these two mentioned intellectuals are part of the government conspiracy??/
8.Considering the fact that Cervical cancers is the number 2 killer among all cancers affecting women at their prime of their life. This vaccine marks a quantum leap in science and medicine, its important is unparallel to other medical milestones, like the discovery of Penicillin, Eradication of small pox. The only other discovery which its significance is in par with discovery of cancer vaccine is vaccine against HIV.
9. I am sure you would not be passing out bold remarks about how bad and harmful these vaccines are if someone you know, you friends, family members was diagnosed with cervical cancer.

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