Tuesday, January 25, 2011

My Email Reply to an inquiry

Dear respected Miss ****,
First of all, I would like to apologize for my seemingly short reply,hence giving you the impression that "I don't care" or "it doesn't matter to me" kinda impression. As you many have noticed, I was replying through my IPhone, hence the limitation .
Now,my uttermost passion for cervical cancer prevention stemmed from three patient of mine, who came to me. I prefer the term socializing rather than consultation. I had a man, who lost his wife a few months back due to cervical cancer despite her wife being doing her Pap smear annually. The Pap Smear report was normal. However, 6 month later, she succumbed to cervical cancer.
He started to sob as he speak, and I somehow could feel the pain and torment the gentlemen is experiencing. He started questioning the doctor who performed the test, questioning God, he  simply couldn't accept the fact.
I doubt if he will ever have a closure in such matter. Unless if he openly admit that he has accept the fact that his wife is no longer with him. He has 2 daughters and 1 son.
Then I encountered three similar cases.
Then the desire started to build within me to get myself well versed with cervical cancer, and my desire was reaffirmed with the death of my aunt due to pancreatic cancer. UNLESS you have a family member or friend who is close to you who had died from cancer, one wouldn't understand the psychological,emotional, and mental trauma both the patient and family member experienced.
I was the one who diagnosed my auntie's cancer, and I see through her 9 months battle with pancreatic cancer was the most painful thing. I was there by her deathbed when she died.
Cervical cancer is the 3rd commonest cancer in Asia Pacific. The discovery of the vaccine is revolutionary and marked a milestone in medical history and perhaps even changed the course of history of mankind. It's the second cancer where you have the power to chose NOT TO HAVE instead of merely living healthily and HOPE that one wouldn't get it.
Among the two vaccine, Cervarix is a a better choice by hundred of folds. You may visit www.cervarix.blogspot.com to know more about it.
I sincerely believe a good health care is a basic human right, hence I charge a very low price to enable more group of people to get themselves protected against this dead disease.
 I hope I have answered your questions. Please drop mail if you want to know more about this vaccine.Thank you.

Yours sincerely,
Dr Wan Chee Hung(MBBS,Man)
Family Practice, Aesthetic and Anti-Aging Medicine
Klinik Wan Dan Keluarga.(Map)

Friday, January 21, 2011

Battling cancer

I just got to know that January is cancer prevention week. After talking to three family member who's spouse or siblings succumbed to cervical cancer, and seeing my own auntie battling cancer for 9 months,I remember vividly standing by her deathbed, her breathing was shallow, she became unresponsive to calls, her stare was blank, despite knowing the inevitable, my uncle kept on urging my aunt to fight, never to give up, but with the machines attached to her to read her vitals kept on beeping, she was long gone, and that the breathing and the heartbeat were self regulated despite brain dead.As long as her brainstem still works, her heart will continue to beat, breathing is purely automated. I couldn't find the heart to tell my uncle who was constantly cuddling her, saying sweet loving words to her.
I was determined then. Nobody should die like this. This is painful death. Her death doesn't stop the grieving family, the psychological, mental,and emotional scar is indescribable. Only one who goes through this knows the impact cancer has upon ones family.
And with the discovery of cervical cancer vaccine, it marked a milestone in medicine, changed the course of mankind forever.
But the sad new remained, ignorant doctors, ignorant public,. I bet those very few cancer survivors would wish the vaccine were discovered much earlier.
Often times, I felt like fighting a battalion of ignorant army all alone. How great would it be if I have brothers or sisters in arms and together we take the challenge of educating the public one by one. If the ignorant are challenging enough, what about the skeptics, those who write books and had them published, poisoning the minds of people by feeding them lies like these diseases aren't as rampant or serious as it's being told, but merely a ploy by pharmaceutical companies to earn their money, where the share holders would laugh away as the public sees  the emergence  of such vaccine is a "miracle" in medicine.
Ladies, it is a miracle. I may have said this a million times, but I will say it again. The next big thing in medicine where it's significance is at par with the discovery of cancer vaccine would probably be the discovery for the cure for AIDS.
Since the masses are rather ignorant, and probably being deluded with the thoughts that they aren't so unlucky to get cancer, well, please think again. Do you know that the charts, figures, and graphs that represents mortality were once human with family like you and me.
Don't let doubts creeps into your mind. I have been sitting in front of the computer the whole day writing proposal to human resource departments of giant companies like Maxis,Digi,Berjaya Group, and Shell.
I am offering RM165 per dose, probably one of the lowest price in the nation,well probably the lowest...
Love your siblings, wife,cousins,?Spread the news to them. The threat of cervical cancer is very real.
The least you could do is to spent some time at another site which I dedicate entirely on cervical cancer. Click here to be directed there.See your doctor today.