Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Phone service restored

Dear reader. On behalf of Management of Klinik Wan Dan Keluarga, we are pleased to inform you that our phone service has been restored. You may call in at 03-62722678 for information regarding this clinic and it's service provided. Thank you.

Yours sincerely,
Dr Wan Chee Hung

Phone are down..

On behalf of management of Klinik Wan Dan Keluarga, we would like to inform you that our key phone system is temporarily down pending repair. Any attempt to contact the doctor would need to be either through email of directly to my cell phone at 0122917360. Sorry the inconvenience caused.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

My source of passion.....

My in depth passion to educate the public stemmed from deep down within my heart where I genuinely concerned over misinterpretation, wrong knowledge, wrong impression on these wonderful vaccine. I sincerely doubt anyone sees the significance of the discovery of such vaccine which marks a milestone in the history of medicine and mankind.
It all started at around 2006, where the first vaccine, Gardasil was launched. I didn't pay much attention to it. Well of course back then I have not started studying in depth regarding how rampant cervical cancer is. All that I knew back then was 2 things. First, it's an extremely expensive vaccine, and I doubt the community would accept it with open arms. As a matter of fact, I angered a few parents when I merely suggested the vaccine, to my dismay soon I realized the parents whom I spoke to had the impression that I view their daughters to be potentially promiscuous, hence my recommendation for the vaccine.
After several attempts to talk to parents, I knew I failed judging from the reaction from them.
I remember very well, a couple actually condemned me for suggesting it and stormed out from the clinic.
Since then, I stopped promoting the vaccine.
Back then, Cervical Cancer is almost always associated with unhealthy sexual behaviour, which today after studying in details on it, it's not.

One may contract the disease even with only one single partner.
With price exceeding RM800 per jab, I knew for sure it will receive poor response. I gave up then.
Tlhen GSK launched  Cervarix at 2008. The price then was around RM400+. Back then I wasn't paying much attention to it. After several month, GSK slashed the price by 60%,hence making it more affordable for the public.

Now how I developed the passion was an interesting tale. 2009, I had three patients, a man and 2 ladies. I can't recall for what reason they came, but I treat all my patient with genuine and whole hearted. Some how the conversation revolves cervical cancer. The gentleman's eyes started tearing up the moment he mentioned about his deceased with from Cervical Cancer. He claimed that his wife never missed her Pap Smear, and the result was reported normal. However 6 months later, the wife died from cervical cancer. From the conversation we had, I can tell this gentleman will never get a closure to the wife's tragic death. He literally cried, and questioned how was it possible the Pap Smear reported normal, yet she passed away from cervical cancer. I doubt this poor gentleman will ever have a closure and will never except the reality that the wife is no longer around. Who to blame? The test? the doctor?
I felt an overwhelming sadness and how I wished I could comfort the man, but i know its impossible.
The story from the two ladies similarly resembles when their sibling died despite yearly Pap smear stated normal finding. Its  unfair, and I felt the pain when they tell their stories. I was overwhelmed and told myself I will study the faults for the false positive result that cost lives.
The more I delve into finding the faults of conventional Pap Smear, I realized there must be a more accurate screening method to counter the faults of conventional Pap Smear.
Then I found out a more accurate method called Thin Prep Pap Smear which was made available since 1996.
I started promoting TPPS in my blog, but the response was poor.
2009 was the year my aunt was diagnosed to have Pancreatic cancer. Every month, she would come to my clinic for check up. The first time I diagnosed her, she was a hefty 86kg lady. Her 9 months ordeal was the most depressing experience  in my career as a doctor. I see her getting emaciated, the tumour was eating her as time goes by. Until the last visit, she weighs 35kg.
I accompany her to the hospital and was there by her deathbed... I was there when she blew her last breathe.
My uncle was devastated, he lost his appetite,was hospitalized twice, and whenever he's alone at home, he would talk to late wife;s photo,the wife's favourite dog. Out of  the sudden he would burst  into tears, having difficulty sleeping, having to wake up every two hours drenched with sweat.
I was there witnessed the psychological and  mental damage it has one my uncle. Once a week, he would visit my aunt's grave.
Witnessing all these, I was determined that with a vaccine so revolutionary, I try my best, I dedicate this blog purely to educate the public, that now they have a choice to say no to cervical cancer, the number 2 killer among women. I tried hard, and even if I managed to reach out to a single lady to agree to vaccinate,I feel contented. This crusade, to reach out to the masses has become personal to me. I do not want ANYONE to go through what my aunt faced. Even when she's gone, the damage is still felt my the family member.
That is why I don't mind spending hours explaining to patients about this vaccine for free. There are 500,000 new cases everyone, out of which 270,000 is from Asia Pacific.
Patients asked me why am I relentlessly promote this vaccination. After reading this, I hope you'll understand why. I am not making profit from this vaccination, and the price that I offer is the cheapest in the entire nation. Its not fame that I am after, but I want to make this vaccine affordable to all walks of life.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

New site of injection

95% of patient who received the injections would complained of pain to almost right off the pain chart, however, I am glad to inform you that alternatively we can inject at the thigh which I had done for a number patients already. They had claimed the new injection site is far lesser pain.
However, the injection is not recommended through the gluteal(buttocks) as the pad of fats prevents the vaccine from being delivered into the muscle as its supposed to. Unless of course you don't mind me using a larger bore needle!