Thursday, June 11, 2009

Cervical Cancer Awareness- Please Read.

This would be my 4th post in the effort to create an awareness among the public on a revolutionary vaccine, Cervarix. I am a local Private practitioner who is always on a watchful eye for drugs that benefits the community, as a doctor's job is not only to treat and save life, but to create awareness among the public for new and available drug.
If my previous postings did not have enough impact on the public concerning the number 2 killer among cancers that inflicts women,this time i will try harder.I've contacted MAKNA and requested for cases of mortality and survivors of cervical cancer, hoping to get information on them, the things that they had to go through, the painful,psychologically and mentally traumatizing experiences while undergoing treatment, and how they cope with other burden, particularly in their finance.
I can imagine how they would wish Cervarix was available then.
For a clearer picture , I'll present the statistics....hmm... statistics...these numbers was once individuals like you and me. Now they are just statistics.

Cervical cancer accounts for 12.9% of all cancers amongst women. Woman who were someone's mother, someone's wife,someone important and meant dearly to their love ones,
is now being represented in numbers in the form of statistics.

The silent killer that grows within you that presents it's first symptoms only at the advance stage.
Cervical cancer normally manifest itself after it infiltrates into the body and takes 10-20 years to develop,most at the prime of a woman's life.... 30-59. These cancer manifest mostly at middle age when woman are at their most productive years.
Stages of cervical cancer:
As you can see, from the time of exposure to a full bloomed cervical cancer may take as long as 10 years.
Hence, it is recommended that women who are in their 20s and sexually active to perform a pap smear test annually. There is nothing to be ashamed of, find a doctor whom you are comfortable with and know well,get it done annually. Though it is recommended that Cervarix to be injected before the first sexual encounter.

Celebrities who has succumbed to Cervical cancer includes:-
British reality TV star Jade Goody
And seven months later upon diagnosis.....

Bea Arthur of the Golden Girls

The Beautiful Sarah Fawcett of the original member of Charlie's Angel
And not forgetting ...the famous Anita Mui
These celebrities would have been alive if they had their annual pap smear and
wished that Cervical Cancer Vaccine would have been available to them.

In view of the noble intention of GSK to reduce the price to make it more financially accesibly,
I've decided to reduce my cost from RM 180 to RM165 per dose. So, ladies, please get vaccinated now.