Friday, March 19, 2010

Cervical Cancer Vaccine...

I have written several post on Cervical Cancer in my blog as I felt the need to create an awareness among the public on how rampant it is, being ranked number 2 killer among causes of mortality among women in Malaysia.
However, I felt the level of awareness is still very limited, and despite our effort of lowering the price down to RM165 per dose(there are some clinics that charge RM500 per dose), very few number of women showed interest.
With the availability of Cervarix, which personally I think is far superior compared to Gardasil, women now have a choice, on which to chose from. Unlike several years ago when Gardasil was first launch, being the only cancer vaccine available, the price wasn't affordable to the masses. Unfortunately, despite such drastic price reduction purely for the purpose of providing an excess towards a more affordable health care, many women still remain ignorant.

Cervarix even though being advertised as being a bivalent vaccine, (provides immunity to two subtypes of HPV that causes Cervical cancer), latest date shown that it provides cross protection against three other subtypes,hence making it actually a pentavalent vaccine!)

Initially being advertised that it provides protection against HPV type 16, and type 18, now data shown that it provides additional 3 subtypes, that are type 31, 33, and 45. (the top 5 most oncogenic types)
Unlike Gardasil, it uses an adjuvant in its formulation, AsO4, which gives a rapid and a prolonged immunity against these viruses.

As you can see, cervical cancer being ranked second amongst all cancer as well as overall that affects women.

It's prevalence is the most between the age group of 30-60 years old. Note that quite a significant figure is from the age group of 70s and more.

Hence, since the recommended period of injection for Cervarix is between the age of 10-45, I would still recommend injection amongst the age group exceeding 45 years old.

Cancer does not recognized age of its victim. It spreads and kills irrespective of age.

In Klinik Wan dan Keluarga, we council patient's on importance of getting vaccinated.

Do not procrastinate anymore. While being a revolutionary drug that made a mark in the milestone in the field of medicine, it still receives poor response, unfortunately.

So,ladies, get your jab right away. Never think that it can never happen to you.

I bet Anita Mui and Farrah Fawcett never thought they would contract cervical cancer, until when it's too late.

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