Monday, April 12, 2010

Cervarix.What else can be done?

With the amount of effort I've put in creating awareness among woman in Malaysia concerning Cervical Cancer, I wouldn't say I am at all passive about it.
Right from decreasing the price to the extent where some people begin to doubt the genuineness of the vaccine(yes, I know doctors who started injecting normal saline when their vaccine ran out of stock) 

 placing pamphlet on Cervical Cancer awareness on every corner of my clinic...

like this placed right on the drug collection and payment counter, NOBODY could miss it. And if that's not enough, i got this piece of huge sticker pasted on the counter itself...

There.. wait, there's some more!..

This is placed right at the registration counter. Well, all these are placed in the clinic, what about outside the clinic where people walk by?

First I've got this pasted on the glass entrance of the clinic, in addition to this...

Well, after all of these, if it still couldn't draw the patient's attention, I think I would be right to assume that they simply don't care.
There are times when I felt what's the point of all this effort when they chose not to respond? You could prepare a mouth watering meal, but it takes the person to reach out, grab the food, and place them into their mouth.
After a while, it came to my senses that perhaps the crowd aren't paying the due attention as they simply aren't aware of the degree of the disease and how it affects not only the patient, but the caretaker as well.
So, i begin to write post on cervical cancer, it's discovery, the significance and importance of getting vaccinated, to inform the general public on the more accurate method of screening for early signs of cervical cancer in this blog. So, a lot of those who sent me mail to inquire on the vaccine would someone get to know me on a personal level, which can be both good and bad.

Later i realized that letting the public know too much on my personal side isn't always a good thing. So, I created another blog purely to post write ups on cervical cancer vaccine of my choice.

The URL of this blog is All my previous post are transferred from my personal blog to this new blog site.

Well, I received quite an encouraging number of people writing in to inquire on the whereabouts of my clinic. However, hardly anyone turn up.
Again, for a while, I thought to myself, that's how far I'm able to go.But after a short period of time, my inner self told me "don't falter, you need to get off the boat to walk on water."
Don't get why I am trying to say? Well, that's what happens when you listen to too much of U2. It means not to be discouraged. Put more effort, take some risk, you wouldn't know what would the result be in the end which could lead to something unexpected.
So, last week, I thought my old poster wasn't attracting any attention as it's written in monochrome.The new one is this

It's written the price for each dose, along with a logo of a camera for passerby to snap the URL in case feeling reluctant on seeing me. And to convince that I am using the genuine product, I even pasted a photo of the product. My previous post tells you ways to make sure the doctor whom you are seeing is giving you the genuine stuff.
I pasted two of this, one on each side of door.
As I was watching the CCTV from my consultation room, i was feeling despair seeing this!

Notice the screen on the upper right?

In case if you fail to notice the picture, non of these people who walked past the poster even stopped to give a look at it!
I went out to take a picture of the poster when I spot 2 ladies who walked by....

Sorry, photo is blur as I had not time to focus. Yup, like the rest, didn't stop to look at the poster at all.
This reaffirms my belief that generally,people here are rather ignorant when comes to health.
Sincerely, I don't know what else can i do.

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