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Effort to reduce Prevelance of Cervical Cancer in Malaysia

GlaxoSmithKline, the pharmaceutical giant that manufactures Cervarix, is organizing another symposium to update and share ideas among doctors in the endless dedicated effort to lower the incidence of Cervical Cancer. GSK indeed is a pharmaceutical company with an unquestionable ethics, that produce excellent cutting edge and high quality health products in keeping up with global demands.
The lowered cost of Cervarix to enable accessibility by community from all walks of life, regular conventions,symposiums, and talks by world renowned experts to share and update on the latest development of their product, aggressive health campaigns to create public awareness, and round table discussion with experts who spearheads in their respective fields in the move to minimize the incidence of cervical cancer. While the incidence of Cervical cancer has drastically reduced with the discovery of Pap Smear during World War II, the genetically engineered vaccine totally revolutionize the approach to cancer by prevention. With Cervarix, the field of medicine has progressed by leaps and bounds with gargantuan significance that is forever immortalized in the history of mankind. Today, this is the second among so many form of cancers, that is preventable by man. The other being liver cancer.
It is rather disheartening to know the effort put into the research and finally the discovery of this near miraculous vaccine isn't just not being well accepted, but being opposed by certain groups of people who do not fully comprehend, nor open minded enough to even try to understand the benefits of this vaccine.

Ignorance is the main hindrance to progress of mankind. However being ignorant due to lack of information available is excusable, but expressing dissatisfaction and opposition by posting "warnings,'you vaccinate-you die' kind of articles, videos on YouTube, etc" without the fully understanding the facts about this vaccine is simply wrong. It is understandable that prior to subjecting yourself to a "controversial" vaccine, there are questions and doubts lingering in your mind.

I do encourage the public to inquire from the doctor the full facts on this vaccine.  Unfortunately, it is sad to admit that not all doctors are well versed in cervical cancer or the vaccine. Naturally, if you find the doctor's explanation isn't convincing enough, you'll search for information from the internet. That's when misinterpretation and misunderstanding of this vaccine begins. Most of the videos posted in YouTube are by individual who's opinion is formed from an inadequate knowledge.

I am really amazed at some individuals who actually thought this vaccine is a part of some government conspiracy to sterilize woman, and how these vaccines were related to  freemasons. Click here to have a good laugh. I sincerely cannot imagine the things that was going on in their mind while writing that. I had my share of good laugh after reading such post that is so ridiculous to a point where it becomes an entertainment.

US's FDA and UK's NHS do not approve a drug unless they had passed a set of criteria upon which only would their safety be established. US's FDA not only approved of it, but actually recommends it to protect girls and young woman from developing Cervical Cancer later in life. Click here for reference.
The death of a 14 year old Natalie Morton in UK on the 29 September 2009, hours after being vaccinated was found not to be caused by Cervarix, but instead was due to a undiagnosed huge malignant tumour in the lung and heart. Click here for reference.
As stated on the disclaimer on this blog, my choice of vaccine between the two available ones in the market is not being influenced by any party nor being given remunerations in any form by the pharmaceutical company that manufactures the vaccine.
So far, there are over 12000 reports of complications upon administration of HPV vaccine. As I had explained in detail about the validity of the reported side effects, and how the media play the role in amplifying the degree of "adverse effects", one should note that these reports weren't made against Cervarix. Click here to verify.

In the scientific and medical community, the unwritten rule is US FDA is being regarded as the Gold Standard for many other countries to refer to. I am not sure whether my fellow Malaysians are aware at the fact that Malaysia do not posses a lab of our own to conduct scientific studies prior to approval of drugs. I am not sure what are the set of criteria our local "FDA" is based upon to establish it's safety.
However, one can be assured of the quality of drugs and its safety upon approval by FDA as it possess the reputation for protecting  public health and consumer safety.
The response towards cervical cancer vaccination is still very low, despite GSK's effort in multitude ways to create awareness campaigns, public forums, regular symposiums by inviting world renowned experts in various fields to update and share the latest information and development of new drugs, all this being done bearing society as the beneficiary. Unlike some company that I've come across, especially in the field of cosmetology, doctors need to pay,often amounting to thousands to attend courses and often as a token of "qualifications" upon completion of the course, these doctors are issued "certificates of attendance" that is hung on the wall of their consultation room, very often giving patients a false sense of confidence towards the doctor.Who benefits from this?
Base upon the regular visits from company representations, this unquestionably  proves GSK's commitment in supporting health care provider.

It was less than 3 weeks ago since the last symposium held in Le Meridien Hotel, Kuala Lumpur. Just a few days ago, the friendly company representative invited me to attend another symposium on this coming 20th April, in Hilton Hotel.

The topic for the symposium is Broadening The Protection Against Oncogenic HPV Types.
I am looking forward for this symposium as the guest speaker would be a leading European Virologist, Professor Tino F. Schwarz, Head of Virology Laboratory at Foundation Jusliusspital,Wurzburg,Germany. He has 19 publications in various field concerning vaccines, virology, pandemics, etc.

Looking at his resume, he is the best person to talk to when comes to issues such as safety profile of HPV vaccines. But most of his research are based on Cervarix, which has the least if not non adverse effect compared to the other available vaccine in the market. A leading virologist in Europe who has traveled all around the globe to speak in symposiums attended by many well known doctors in various fields. It would be quite an experience to
have the opportunity to meet him.

This goes to show the degree of commitment of GSK in it's contribution in public health and consumer safety by regularly organizing symposiums as such, in addition to the regular visitation by the company representation to doctors to share the results of the latest studies.
I was excited and looking forward to attend the symposium on the 20th, but I was ESTATIC when I received this!

A round table discussion with Professor Tino himself. This invitation is limited to only 30 doctors all over Malaysia. I felt honoured, yet nervous since it's only limited to only 30 doctors, obviously, those 30 doctors would be intellectuals, professors from various teaching hospitals, researchers, consultants Gynaecologist with fancy titles like Datuk, then it dawned upon me, GOSH! How is it possible that I got invited in this event?

Out of curiosity, I requested for the list of doctor who are invited to attend the event.
Thank God there's no Datuk, nor anyone in the list who is a professor, but out of the 40 names listed, only 3, including me, are general practitioners, while the rest are gynaecologist.

I was having a mix feelings of excitement and nervousness at the same time.

The round table discussion will be held on the 19th April, at One World Hotel. That's tomorrow!Yikes! I was all excited and REALLY looking forward for the RTD, until I received a SMS from the pharmaceutical company representative,


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my daughter has not had a period since gardasil, she also has fainting with paralysis, peripheral neuropathy, peripheral vision loss, fatigue body aches, these symptoms are real and were caused by gardasil. Don't buy the kool aid.

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