Monday, June 7, 2010

Eh?? Excuse me?

Last Saturday, I had a lady who came along with her friends to my clinic to inquire on Cervarix. From a question and answer session it slowly turned into a dialogue.
I've explained I was perpetually surprised to know that many women are still hesitant about getting themselves vaccinated despite the lowered price. One of the factor was that these women have the impression that prior to vaccination, they need to get a Pap Smear performed. Naturally, being  male doctor, it's natural to feel shy from being examined by a male doctor. Hey, if I've got a "male" problem, I'll think twice about seeing a female doctor.
But what I found from the conversation got me stunned. For a fleeting moment, I was left speechless. Honestly, my mind went blank from the question that was thrown at me.  I tend not to be judgmental, not at all. But this time, I simply can't help it.
I've accepted the fact that most people are ignorant about Cervical Cancer Vaccination. I've even accepted the fact that not all doctors are offering accurate counselling on Cervical Cancer. Some women actually stated their rationale for not getting vaccinated was that they've experienced intercourse before, and since the vaccine don't render 100% protection, why would they bother getting vaccinated? The saying "common sense isn't very common doesn't apply in this situation as there are people who genuinely unaware of the availability of these vaccines in the market.
I sincerely do not mind have to repeat myself over and over again like a broken record just to get the right message across, because more than anything else within the spectrum of priority, education should be listed right on the top. With knowledge, an inquisitive minds follows, and that would lead to the right information,counselling, and ultimately decision making. To have the will for self preservation and health care is essential, which unfortunately many of us take it for granted. It's almost disheartening to know that most of us would never realize the extent of damage, emotionally, psychologically, and mentally, for any cancer patients bears. One would never realize the fact that non of us are naturally immune to cancer. "What are the chances to get cancer?" often the thought that pops in the mind of an average Joe. The answer would simply be, "More often than you think. You could be next."

That's the main reason why this blog is created in the first place. For those who feels uncomfortable to meet a doctor face to face, this would be a perfect platform for finding out the facts. You can write to me, and stay anonymous, or even perhaps want me to write a post on a given topic (I am more than happy to answer your questions in a post)with your identity remained anonymous.
Ok, back to the question that caught me off guard... this lady and her friends came over the moment they sat down, they actually told me they just wanted to ask, and not come for the injection itself.. I told them it's absolutely fine. I don't charge a single cent for counselling on Cervical Cancer.The first lady broke the silence by introducing herself."Doctor, before taking the injection, no need to do Pap Smear one,hor?" Of course!
I added that in fact, I told them that need not feel obliged to be followed under me simply because they got vaccinated by me.
" that.." That's why, no need to feel shy, you can just come alone only for the injection."...
"then coming for the injection also shy,mah?"
I was surprised! Injection.Just an injection. What's so shy about that. I almost fell off my chair when I was asked,"Doctor, you mean this cccCervaarix is not injected into the private part,ah?
NO!!! Of course not! It is injected in the muscle either through the deltoids or the thigh.

Boy! I found out something new today. No wonder these ladies were hesitant about the injection, first has to do with me being a man, and second, I felt like I  was in the Twilight Zone when she asked me whether wasn't the injection meant to be given at the "private part"I forgot to ask her how did she come with such funny conclusion?


Janiceeee. said...

hahaha the pictures are funny.
by the way, ladies should really be aware of this cancer lar..hehe im waiting for the last dose now! =D

keLiCious said...

Great info shared..!
Is really funny of it..!!! HAHAHA...!!!

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