Thursday, September 23, 2010

Successful campaign..

First public vaccination campaign-- success..
Hitler managed to convince a crowd of 2 million that their Aryan background is superior, that led to the elimination of 2 million Jewish during the Holocaust.
This man, the greatest orator of all time.....
drove his people to commit this
Genocide to the Jewish.
While Anthony Robbins, the great sort after self improvement speaker,
..Convinced his attendees to practice "Mind over matter" exercises by walking on burning hot charcoal.
While me....tried and  succeeded in getting people to protect themselves against cervical cancer by a painful vaccination.
That's the number of emptied vaccine syringe.
This is very encouraging, and as the effort that I put in creating awareness begins to sap away, this rejuvenates me and justifies and reaffirms my worthwhile effort.

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