Tuesday, July 6, 2010

to Mr/Mrs/Ms De

I posted your comments which I felt it's a debate for public and for your good self to witness. Unfortunately, somehow, you're the second person who's comment failed to appear on the blog when I press "post".
I respect your point of view, and I will not even try to attempt to convince your belief on what these "cervical cancer vaccine does" and on your statement about the vaccine kills more than the disease itself.
However, I am unsure on the source which you're derived from that draw such conclusion, but from personal experience, it's been in our statistics for years before the launch of the vaccine that shows that cervical cancer is ranked second among cancers that inflicts women in Asia Pacific. I sincerely
respect your opinion about such vaccine which you think does more harm than good, since in the western countries such as US and UK, where the public screening program is so good and well funded, and the level of health conscious among women is in your country is nothing less than exemplary for women in our region to follow.
It's due to the thorough health conscious individuals in developing countries such as yours would be the main reason for the low mortality rate in due to cervical cancer. (US mortality rate is only 4% compared to Malaysia which is 60%)and perhaps cervical cancer being relatively non life threatening in your country, hence ranked 15th among all cancers. That would be one of the reason why most public outcry and voices against national vaccination program has is "more" from your country.
But the scenario is totally different in Asia Pacific. Hence strong opposition from you against my blog in advocating cervical cancer vaccination is not perceived negatively, but instead I felt the sincere need to explain to you the rationale for me to be such an advocate for cervical cancer vaccination.
I hope you would understand my rationale for being so vocal in creating awareness concerning cervical cancer among the public, not limited only to Malaysians but to countries within our region.
I sincerely hope this post is not perceived as a personal attack but rather, a dialogue.

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