Saturday, July 3, 2010

Especially to you!

GSK has been doing so much to create awareness despite the limitations imposed by the Government on advertising a product.
In my rather humble opinion, Cervarix isn't a product.. it's a answer to killer disease. Despite several parties/bloggers who does nothing but criticizes miraculous discoveries by scientist and doctors,(to you who is scrutinizing my blog, you know I AM TALKING ABOUT YOU!) despite been awarded Noble Prize, unfortunately there are bloggers who doesn't have cervix thinks all your effort is part of a multinational conspiracy for "population control"..(now, isn't that the most ridiculous thing you've ever read?)YOU! Who forms opinions without thorough knowledge on what cancer does should consider what you write about. Perhaps no one within your family has cancer, but there are million other who does, including mine. To include my name as "A******Rfing for GSK is uncalled for. You seriously have to consider what you write. Please get your facts right. Do you have any form of evidence that I advocate Cervarix in return for any form of remuneration?
Sure, any multinational company, including pharmaceutical companies considers financial returns in running their business. But while doing so, millions of lives are saved. Have you ever put any thoughts towards the company that produces Sildenafil ( since you are gifted in scrutinizing blogs and squeezing bits of information and twist it around to serve your purpose filled with paranoia, I am sure you have no problem finding out what Sildenafil is or by what name its been traded.) any idea how many individuals using it ended up with heart attacks? Why don't you dedicate an entire blog on it,instead?
And of course during H1N1 epidemic, there are only two antiviral drugs that is capable to treating or preventing one from contracting H1N1.
Oseltamivir(sure you know what it is given your level of intellect, or  am I wrong to assume?) and
Zanamivir( You know the trade name, hope you know what is it then, wouldn't want to appear like a fool for not knowing what you're writing about).
Why do I chose Zanamivir? Click here.Check out the "Possible side effect" column.
Unsupported criticism never helps, friend. Especially when you post your photo on your blog with nonsense as your content for the whole world to witness. It's so obvious you're all out to attack the pharmaceutical company, but when you include another person who advocates their product with much sincerity, you've crossed the line.
Please stop before making yourself looking like an


k0k s3n w4i said...

that's Nobel Prize :) typo there.

and kudos for trying to create awareness. med student here.

Wan Chee Hung said...

Hey Sen Wai,
Sorry for the typo. I know you're a medical student,and more. I'vw read your blog and really impressed with your write ups.

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