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Are you sure you are telling the truth or out to sabotage?(some photos may be graphical. Viewer's discretion is adviced)

It took me 4 days of writing and then erase my write ups as each time I feel there is so much better ways to convey my message?
To begin this long winded post, let's talk about human psychology. (at this point, I sincerely doubt if anyone is reading this post as it's boring to most) a peculiar feature than makes a man, is self interest. What seemed important to them, they would go all out to get it,but it, hunt for it, study for it, etc.... but to what seem trivial not to mention potentially harmful to them, we will go all the way dispel them off, even against Government. Whether the Government is corrupted or not is another issue altogether.
Now, lets get back to the point here. It's been reported that increasing number of adverse effect leaning towards Gardasil is being reported, and that cases due to Cervarix is gaining.
What the the adverse effect?
Guillen Barre Syndrome,seizure, convulsion,anaphylactic shock, paralysis, chronic fatigue, autoimmune diseases, blood clots, urticarial rashes, shock,  pancreatitis, transverse myelitis, and many more.
Now this is the point where each time I erase the whole write up and rewrite them all over again..
There are often times when i actually contemplated to video blog rather than to write it due to it's lenght.
Some goes all out to say that the figures in charts and graph are all made up to create a hype in the need to find a solution for such condition such as cervical cancer.
I've checked with Makna that back in 2006, cervical cancer was ranked 3rd among all mortality due to malignancies. Why would Makna(an NGO) want to do anything as such.Cervarix wasn't even out to the market at 2006.
I sincerely think the our western counterparts have exaggerated this  a little bit. For any products that is classified as medical product are obligated to list down the possible side effect, no matter how remote it maybe. Whether it's 100% or 0.00001%,the possible side effect must be listed down.
By now, everyone should know the westerns are well known for their views on personal/liberty rights.They are the first to stand in front of a legislative building with sign boards, shouting slogans on human rights , social injustice,racism,etc..
I am not at all surprised when they decided to go all out against state legislature on making cervical cancer vaccination compulsory for school going children as the public perception on cervical cancer is totally different from Asia Pacific region. Cervical cancer being ranked 15th or 16th in UK and US with mortality of less than 1% obviously would not be seen as national threat!
99% of the reported side effects came from the western world. UK and US in particular.  Just because the mortality rate is low due to cervical cancer in their country, it NOT necessarily means it;s not important nor it being any less revolutionary.
As a physician coming from Asia Pacific region where Cervical Cancer has plaque women in our countries for years, the discovery of such vaccine is the closest thing short of a miracle.In my humble opinion, it marks as a milestone in the progress in health and science.Progress has been constant and gradual all these years, but it is incidences as such that marks it;s progress by leaps and bounce. This belong to the same group in terms of significance as the discovery for Polio vaccine, the discovery for Malaria drugs, TB vaccination, and in future, the only thing that is in par with such discovery is the cure for AIDS.
Complications, convulsions, development of Guillen Barre Syndrome, urticarial rashes.. these are not discoveries, but its well documented as possible adverse effect in the leaflets within each and EVERY VACCINES, and not only in cervical cancer vaccines only.
Vaccines don't cause a urticarial rash, convulsions, or Guillen  Barre Syndrome. They merely triggers off these already present condition. One don't contract epilepsy. Anything under the sun, stress,heat, fear, pain may triggers off a convulsion, but that doesn't make a person epileptic.
The same goes for Guillen Barre Syndrome, a rare autoimmune disease that normally manifest itself in middle age. If it's not being triggered off by the vaccine, it will  triggered off by something, somewhere. If it happened spontaneously, who are you to blame? Bloody Helios?
As I had mentioned earlier, all form of medical products whether it's vaccine, contraception, antibiotics, painkillers, etc... carries a leaflet stating all their possible side effects, no matter how remote it may be.
At least its better than some products that doesn't state them, and if anything were to happen, the consumer were to be blamed or a pat on the shoulder saying sorry, it happened to you.
Just like any medical product, Cervarix carries its leaflet stating all effects, both possible and remotely.

I simply couldn't understand why come  party says pain at the side of injection is an "adverse effect". I though when you're poke through with any sharp object, that's the reaction, a normal reaction. Not a side effect.

Some party claimed the possibility of contracting cervical cancer is enhanced with the vaccination! Based on what?? Did these independent body of investigators conduct their own studies or do they simply come out with a number as how is it possible when the vaccine is engineered by producing it's vaccine by means of production of it's plasmids(the protein /capsule that does not contains the viral DNA that cause the actual damage to the body. Yup, you got me right. What makes up the vaccine is nothing but an empty capsid for the body immune system to form an immunity against the actual harmful virus. By that, how is it possible that someone came out with the statistic that the percentage of increased possibility of post vaccination cancer is more than 40%.
The listed adverse reactions are listed in the leaflets, ranging from pain at the site of injection, to numbness, headache, nausea, to urticarial rash. These are listed and known possible side effects, not something new yet to be reported.
Other possible side effects is so rarely seen, that it's categorized under "possible side effects".
The possible complication of urticarial rash is clearly stated in the leaflets. Please don't ever complain that it is a side effect!.
As I've mentioned earlier, these effects aren't only seen in Cervical cancer vaccine, but in all other vaccines and medicines as well.

Take for example hepatitis B vaccine.

The leaflet for Engerix B, Hepatits B vaccine which comes along with each units of vaccines.
Observe the listed undesirable effect which is classified under common, uncommon, and remotely common.
Can't see clearly???
What is written right at the middle of the leaflet? Guillen Barre Syndrome!
But how come I don't see any reports by parents from anywhere who rejects this vaccine? Why no voice of opposition despite the similar percentage of side effect?
There, enlarged. Can you see it now? Why with the discrepancy? Why is it that there was absolutely no opposition nor anyone wrote anything against Hepatitis B vaccine but majority of complaints from the western "developed" countries are taken so seriously, that there are dedicated blogs, organizations formed against Cervical cancer vaccination?
Before I come out with my personal conclusion, let me reaffirm the bias the westerners have on this vaccine.
What about vaccine against Pneumococcal infection. If anyone were so sure that i am affiliated directly or indirectly to GSK, there, Prevenar is NOT FROM GSK.

Now, let's look at the leaflet on Prevenar and it's content.

Let's see now.. oh, see! Seizure! Convulsions! Irritability, Urticarial rash!
Oh, my!!Dyspnea, bronchospasm!!
Anaphylactic shock! Isn't that life threatening?! Of course! In such conditions, if no active and immediate intervention,death is imminent.
But, my... why have I not heard any complaints from anyone?? Despite the warning??? Is it because the risk associated with pneumococcal infection and hepatitis b infection vaccines is "more acceptable"? Is death due to hepatitis B /pneumococcal infection is less "severe" than cervical cancer? Come on.. Which moron would ever come out with such idiotic and moronic conclusion? Yet, ask ourselves, how come no opposition for other vaccines but only on cervical cancer vaccine??
Still not convince on the discrepancy?

The box says inactive hepatitis A and rDNA hepatitis B vaccine, which means they are actually injection the ACTUAL VIRUS, but just being attenuated. Compared to VLP (Virus like particle) which is molecularly engineered, wouldn't live attenuated vaccine which still contains the DNA is more dangerous than VLP which have the structure of the virus but devoid of the DNA? But why no complains on Twinrix???
Check out the possible adverse effect! Anaphylactic shock, paraesthesia, syncopal attacks. Goodness! Doesn't it's risk is in par with cervical cancer vaccine??


Look!Convulsion! Syncopal attacks!

Ooh.. Now that's an eye catcher. Guillen-Barre syndrome! But more! Encephalopathy! That's inflammation of the brain! Isn't that how Bruce Lee died??
My,oh,my. Look at these adverse effects? How?
If everyone were to form opinion based upon individual ideas and experiences, there would be multiple organizations who are against ANY VACCINES! No BCG, No MMR,No Polio, No Hep A & B, No nothing!! The whole TB, measles, mumps, rubella, hepatitis a and B are nothing but man-made diseases simply for :-
a. Population control - which moron came out with idea as such?
b. Monetary gains through sales of vaccines!!! Yeah! That's the most popular rationale.

All these diseases must be part of some worldwide conspiracy. Ideally no doctors exist, and everyone lives till 500 years old!
But wait, not only are these vaccines part of some widespread conspiracy, but antibiotics too!


Ideally there shouldn't be microorganisms like pneumococcal, staphylococcus, streptococcus..
All these are man made, simply created by mankind to cheat mankind!(do you see how dumb that sounds?) Why?..Once you get the infection, there's always the possibility of dying without treatment, and of course all possibilities of dying due to "adverse effect" of these antibiotics too!!

Anaphylaxis!!!???  Or die from the disease??? Let me think...???

Steven Johnson Syndrome!!!!?????
Now that's life threatening!
If you are wondering how Steven Johnson syndrome looks like and what is it,...
Well, basically it's a exaggerated and life threatening form of skin allergy towards any medication of unknown reason.

(Picture taken from Wikipedia)

So, as you are reading this post, how old are you today, and how many times have you visited the doctors, how many times were you prescribed antibiotics? How many times did you ended up being like what these poor individuals had?

Hmm.. What about Augmentin? A high end antibiotic that belonged to Penicillin group of antibiotic.. Since nearly 80% of antibiotic are Penicillin based or structurally similar to penicillin, how safe is it??

Oh,no!!! risk of anaphylaxis, again???

Oh!!! Goodness! Even Augmentin may put you at risk of developing Steven Johnson's Syndrome!!!????!!!
Which one may die in hours or days...... or...

...or die in minute from convulsion!

The point that I am trying to highlight is that any medicine... ANY medicine may have side effects, depending upon individuals.
If the benefits of a medicine far outweighs the "possible" side effects, then reason for consumption is validated. However, if the region where you're living in isn't plagued with disease such as Cervical cancer in Asia Pacific, I sincerely hope your opposition towards this "unnecessary vaccine" or the ingenious theory that cervical cancer is a hoax is expressed with discretion. Just because NHI of UK and FDA of US had devised a more aggressive and comprehensive method in detecting early stages of precancerous lesions, hence intervened early to prevent death, it isn't so in our region. 
Have some respect for your fellow man who discovered the pathology and vaccine of this deadly disease.
Publishing books and blogs to discredit such revolutionary vaccines/medicines NEVER HELPS! Unless you've got the disease, I doubt those who are against this vaccine will ever come close to comprehend the significance of such vaccine.

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