Saturday, May 15, 2010

Cervical Cancer Prevention Week.

I've was asked whether the lowered price for Cervarix is only for the duration of Cervical Cancer Prevention Week.
No, this is not an offer. This is the price Klinik Wan & Keluarga charges for those who plans to get themselves vaccinated here, and we do not intend to raise the price for each dose whole year long in the effort to make Cervarix affordable to all walks of life.
The only difference is the charge for Thin Prep Pap Smear, where we will revert back to the original charge after the campaign.
For those who couldn't make it, Klinik Wan dan Keluarga will organize campaigns as such from time to time.
In future, once we establish a larger crowd, we will invite guess of honour during our campaign, to give their presentation to the public.

Who else do we have in mind other than cervical cancer survivors? They are the people who experienced first hand the kind of traumatic experience, psychologically, mentally, and emotionally. Perhaps the public would understand the such pain cancer patients have to endure.
Whether being a survivor or not, they would definitely urge the public to get themselves protected against such a deadly disease.

Being a doctor who has attended  several symposiums and CME(continuous medical education) organized by pharmaceutical companies, presentations in the form of charts, percentages, and graphs to me are simply numbers. Whether we acknowledge it or not, it may appear like a group of intellectuals gathering to discuss "latest findings, latest data collected, or new discoveries"
but to be frank, i find it rather boring. Being a doctor is about sacrifice, dedication, and putting someone else welfare before ours. The essence would be the emotional aspect which is often lost among those who is still practicing today. Whether like it or not, medicine isn't a profession anymore. It has become too commercialized for it be be called a noble profession.
From time to time, my fellow doctors need to be reminded they aren't treating diseases, but people and family members.
One of my unforgettable lesson I've picked up from Dr Christopher Lee, the head of Infectious disease team in Sungai Buloh Hospital, was while doing rounds in the ward, he suddenly stopped and asked me "what" am I dealing with. I answered confidently the diagnosis of the patient for which he was warded for. "Wrong answer! I Expect more from you,Wan!" Initially I thought I gave the wrong diagnosis, but he insisted I was wrong. What he told me that day would be one of the most memorable day that I will always remember. He told me when I walk from bed to bed, to look at the files, and discuss among fellow colleagues only on the "case", that's when I lose the essence of being a medical practitioner. Take a few steps back, you'll see a person. Then take a few steps more towards the back, only then would I able to see the entire picture clearly. I'll see the patient, along with the wife, his parents, his children, and other family members.
Strictly speaking, you aren't treating only the patient, but also alleviate the worries the caregiver has to bear. What I initially see was this:-

But after that day, he taught me to see things like this:-

Likewise, Klinik Wan & Keluarga believes in treating every single individual as people, we lend a listening ear to listen and understand, instead of merely to hearing and forget, our responsibilities goes beyond the office hours, the nature of our work isn't limited to only treating the sick, but to educate the public. We would like to run our clinic as what a real medical clinic should be. Klinik Wan & Keluarga isn't running a business, but we are running a health care centre, with dignity, accountability, and sincerity. We never call a person who walks in for treatment as patients, but address him/her by the name.

We sincerely hoped the campaign aimed at creating awareness towards the public will be well received.

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