Monday, May 24, 2010

Today is a good day...

Today was the day of the presentation for the Cervical Cancer prevention weekend.

Though the crowd wasn't large, nevertheless, it was worthwhile as it has the personal touch.
In a way, its good to have a small crowd as the interaction would be more personal. I started off the presentation by telling the crowd not to consider this as a talk, but rather a talk, and they are allowed to stop and question me at any time. 

I forgot to shave that particular morning, as I just completed the slides for the presentation at 6.30am, which gave me hardly 3 hours to sleep before the presentation. I tried not making this presentation too "medically orientated", hence making it more public orientated. No graphs, no dates, no charts in my presentation which is typical of any medical forum which bores not only the general public, but to me as well..
I didn't have time to practice my presentation, so everything that i presented was spontaneous.
When you are telling your genuine experience, as to why I developed the desire to educate the public, I told them my personal account with with cancer, it sounds genuine, because it is!

One of the featured slide was this, a true photo of my aunt while receiving her drips during her last visit to my clinic before being admitted to the hospital for the very last time. The computer screen was the true file on her during her visit on 16th June 2009, the time when she came with jaundice.
I guess what captured the audiences attention was the true life account that I've experienced, hence making the presentation more heartfelt and genuine.
For a while, while describing the last few hours of my aunt's ordeal, i started to stammer a little, as I felt a little emotional while recollecting those memories that will always stay at the back of my mind. I've emphasized that I sincerely do not want anyone else to experience the same ordeal as my aunt and uncle did. There in fact, isn't a reason to as Cervarix offers women the choice, the option to decide whether or not you want to be protected, rather than merely leading a healthy lifestyle, and hope you would be have cancer.

The most appealing part was I got to know there are people out there who are aware of such vaccine, and willing to step forward to get themselves protected from this deadly disease.
Perhaps, getting oneself vaccinated with this revolutionary vaccine would probably be one of the most important decision you've made in your life.

No one else can decide on the course of our lives. The discovery of a vaccine that protects us from Cervical Cancer has got to be one of the most highlighted and monumental significance in the history of medicine and mankind.

I ended the presentation is a short poem.

At the end of the day, with the amount of specimens  collected by Thin Prep Pap Smear is the most rewarding result that I hoped for, though I don't earn anything at the end.
I am already looking forward for the next campaign.

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