Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Ladies. Do you know the best time to get a Pap Smear?

In the effort to reduce the incidence and mortality due to cervical cancer, it's only so much a person can do. But deep within me, I believed if I stay persistent, i would be able to reach out to the public. It would just a matter of time before one decides to get themselves vaccinated.
Organizing campaigns, talks, providing free counseling, lowering the price for the vaccines, making it more affordable, and to convince fella Malaysian ladies to be regular in their Pap Smear ( which I strongly recommend Thin Prep Pap Smear) will take time.
But i felt the sense of urgency as I sincerely do not want anyone to go through what my uncle and aunt did.
Now for those who already had their vaccination done, please note that after vaccination, one still needs to perform their annual Pap Smear, except for country like United States where HPV DNA test is integrated as their screening test too.
And if you are doing your Pap Smear, please request for Thin Prep Pap Smear.
Do you know that to get an optimum and accurate result, there are several criteria that enable a better sampling?
  Conventional Pap Smear- which has a "false negative" rate of 50%

Thin Prep Pap Smear- the better alternatives by several folds.

The best criteria to get your Pap Smear done would be:-

1. Avoid sexual intercourse for 48 hours from the scheduled date for Pap Smear.

2. The best time for Pap Smear would be 10-20 days after the beginning of the previous menses.

Just to inform ladies out there before going to your doctor for it.

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