Thursday, May 27, 2010

Hope this will work.

I've created a blog, sending out flyers, organizing awareness campaigns, and the cost of vaccination that my clinic offers possibly be one of the lowest in the country, has yet to see much response from the public. Though the campaign held last week was a good start for many more campaigns to come, i sincerely hope the message that I am trying to convey gets across to the mind of the general public.
Prior to the first campaign, after we had sealed off the envelope that is sent to the people of Bandar Sri Damansara, I totally forgot to write the URL for the blog on Cervarix, it's indication, how it benefits women, why should women get themselves vaccinated, at .
No matter how hard I try to send out the message across, there is always room for improvement.
My sincere reason for being so proactive in promoting Cervarix stemmed from my experience with patients and my own family member who had died of cancer. There are certain parties who actually doubted whether the vaccine that I use is genuine or not.
Last year when BP lab organized a campaign where vaccination with Cervarix only cost RM500 for the total three doses. Due to the drastic drop below market price, there are a lot of doctors who actually complained as the move made by BP lab jeopardizes their market.
I am absolutely stunned upon knowing the reaction of the doctors. Is there a necessity for these doctors to react at such manner? Shouldn't they be happy that more people from all walks of life have better access to health care?
Even though the market price today may range between RM230-RM300 per dose, there are a significant number of population who belong to the lower income group who can't afford to get themselves protected against this deadly disease even if they want to.
The mere reaction of such doctors towards the price offered by BP lab is totally uncalled for and unjustified. This goes to show that these doctors prioritize monetary gains rather than providing proper health care which patients pay from their hard earned money.
But what shocked me the most was when the patients asked their doctor's how was it possible that BP lab charges so low compared to them. The doctor simply answered, "those are fake ones".. These doctors in my personal opinion do not possess the quality and character to be a medical practitioner. When you start to accused the competitor by telling the patients lies, they are nothing but scums.
Why can't these doctors who are already well established, would want to tell lies to the public?
These group of people should have their practice license revoked. When another doctor, or medical centre offers a lowered price, it is because they are community orientated. That's the essence of medicine. By simply telling the public that the vaccine they used were fake, all the effort in lowering the price with the noble intention to provide better access  to health care is ruined.
Just a few days ago, a friend of mine who came with his wife was curious as to why the price that I offered is SO MUCH LOWERED! They actually asked me to show them the vaccine that i use.
I am totally baffled with certain parties, who always have the impression that the quality of a product is always in direct proportion to the price.
Then why on earth would I want to write a post on how to know whether the product is genuine or not?(click here)
Has society today is so negative minded that when someone comes up with a noble idea, it is never accepted without skeptics?Or the public view him as having a hidden agenda behind the so called " too good to be true" offer?
To be frank, is RM165 per dose is so unbelievably low? To the extent where some international medical journalist actually send me this mail.

Is there always a hidden agenda whenever a person wants to be a good samaritan?
Anyway, I went to a local bookstore located within my housing area to get a stamp made.

I collected the stamp just a few hours ago.

Yup, to use it to stamp the URL of the blog specially designed for those who are reluctant to check out this vaccine simply because the doctor in charge is a male.

 Now, you don't a reason not to be ignorant with all the various ways to create awareness.

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