Monday, May 10, 2010

Is it real?

RMXXX per dose may raise some eyebrow, one of my patient told me. Since market price per dose of Cervarix is between RM230-RM300, patient would begin to wonder why am I offering RMXXX? One would definitely begin to question whether the product is genuine, and if it is, whether is it expired?
Klinik Wan & Keluarga can guarantee the vaccine that we use is genuine and still far from being expired.
Since you are paying for the vaccines, it is your right to insist upon the doctor to open the box containing Cervarix right in front of you. What are the things you look for to ensure it's the genuine product?

1. There would be holographic prints all over the box that can be seen under fluorescent light.

Then when the doctor opens the box, you'll see a prefilled 0.5ml syringe with 2 needles of different size, sealed in a plastic container.

The plastic contained is sealed with a thin layer of plastic sheet.

Then notice the 2 needles of different sizes.

A bigger blue 23gauge needle and a ..

a smaller 25gauge needle.
And the vaccine in the syringe is slightly murky in colour. 

And at last, to confirm that you are receiving a genuine vaccine, Cervarix hurt a little more than other vaccines you had taken prior.
Please do not feel hesitate to give us a call to inquire on the price of Cervarix at 03-62722678

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