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Preparation for Cervical Cancer Prevention Weekend

This post is written based upon the author's own initiative, and not being influenced in any way, nor being given any form of remuneration by the pharmaceutical company of which the product is highlighted. 
The much anticipated Cervical Cancer Prevention week begun yesterday. Over 700+ flyers were mailed, however yet to receive any response. I am optimistic this campaign, being the first of many more to come throughout the year will reach the public. I don't expect many to turn up for the talk this coming Saturday, but for every project, initiation by taking the first step irrespective on the size of the crowd is what counts. It's easy for any medical practitioner to routinely come to clinic, treat the sick, then go home once the clinical hours is up.
However, deep down, I sincerely believe the nature of the medical profession goes beyond treating the sick, but to reach out to create an awareness among the public.
Cervical cancer is merely a word to many, but to those who was diagnosed to have it, their life revolves around it.
Unless a celebrity, an icon, a personality known to many who is diagnosed with this deadly disease is made public, otherwise, it's most disheartening to know most people are still ignorant about this disease.
This is the reason why it's important to reach out to the public, to educate the masses that such a diseases is now avoidable by choice. I guess one wouldn't realize the degree of trauma one has to go through upon being diagnosed by this disease, getting test done to know the stage, whether are they salvageable or be told that their days would be numbered, the morale that has died the moment being told their treatment is purely palliative. Why? Why would anyone in the right frame of mind would want to risk all that when a revolutionary vaccine is available today to avoid all those inconveniences?
For those who follows this blog would understand why am I being so driven in creating an awareness.
First of all, on behalf of Klinik Wan & Keluarga, we would like to personally thank Miss Wendy from GSK who has been so helpful in furnishing me with updates concerning this vaccine. Her help in providing materials in this campaign has been monumental and instrumental. If it isn't for her help, the campaign wouldn't have materialized.

The eye catching posters being provided for by GSK. One should note that no clinic is allowed to advertise the products available, however, this poster did not mention the world Cervarix, merely an eye opener for the public.
One is placed inside the clinic, while another being placed outside,along the walkway outside the clinic.

Noticed the multiple posters pasted on the glass, indicating Klinik Wan & Keluarga's commitment in creating an awareness for the public. The counseling conducted is free. Anyone irrespective of age and sex can walk in to inquire about cervical cancer and vaccine available. For those who is planning to get themselves vaccinated, please note that you need not do a Pap Smear prior to vaccination, nor the need to feel obliged to be followed by Klinik Wan & Keluarga.
In preparation for the Cervical Cancer prevention week, GSK has furnished us with several goodies, which includes:-

Word puzzles or patients while waiting for their turn for counseling or vaccination.

Leaflets as such in all four corners of the clinic for patients to read, and ask the doctors if unsure of what is written or for a more thorough explanation if needed.

The campaign shouldn't be something to be taken so "seriously".. Hence balloons to create a more "light hearted or happier" ambient.

A questionnaire to determine whether do you fall within the high risk group that warrants vaccination.

A button tag for the staff...
A goody bag for attendees for Saturday's talk on "How to prevent cervical cancer".. which contains
A leaflet, tissue, questionnaire, and a pen, courtesy of GSK...
In fact, i was given a door notice to inform the public of my presence, unfortunately...
It can't be used in my clinic as there isn't a door knob on the door into my consultation room.
GSK has gone all the way to support medical practitioners like me to create awareness among the patients and public by providing tissues with messages printed on the cover.
Even they have printed plastic bags with messages on it. As you are aware, this isn't a advertising ploy, as they don't mention anything on their product, but merely emphasizing on the disease per say.
Even though cervical cancer vaccine was first introduced to the public since 2006 in the form of Gardasil, it is still considered new, as a considerable number of people aren't aware of the availability of such vaccine.Even if the public knew about the presence of such vaccine, how many actually know the the extent of problem cervical  cancer has on us? 
With the availability of different vaccines, now the public has a choice. Which is the better 
vaccine? Which is superior compared to the other? How to decide when one doesn't have knowledge on the properties of the vaccine? 
Hence, it's important to educate the public on it, and it takes times. But cervical cancer don't wait for the "ideal" time to strike. 
Cervical cancer do not recognize race, religion, social status, and age. We've come across patient as young as early 30s who was diagnosed to have cervical cancer. 
One thing that i like about GSK is their commitment towards providing medical practitioners up to date knowledge with diseases and findings of ongoing medical studies by providing medical journals.
...and regularly organizing CME(Continuous medical education) and symposiums by inviting world renowned doctors and scientist from their respective fields of expertise.
The next CME will be on the 29th May in Shangri-La, with Dr Quek from Singapore, who is a renowned Gynecologist who came for a symposium held last year. 
In conjuction to Mother's Day celebration, we took this opportunity to kick start our all year long campaign, and personally, I am excited about it. 
The clinic before this was "normal".... 
How plain the clinic was previously compared to .......NOW!
This is the "Pink Corner" where chart, pamphlets, and leaflets are placed for the patient to read and explore while waiting for their consultation.
That's Miss Wendy, a gentle and petite lady, who blew most of these balloons.
Whoever miss seeing the notice hung from the chandelier must be blind or simply ignorant.
Would I simply hang a notice tied to thousand dollars chandelier if it's not important?
That's Miss Wendy hanging the balloons...
Ta...dah!!!!! But wait!!!
More balloons!!....
Now the clinic look more "cheerful and a happier" place, even to those who come to seek treatment for cough and cold, hopefully coming to Klinik Wan dan Keluarga wouldn't be a glum experience, as normally clinics are associated with. 
It ain't no Disneyland either,though..
Just do not want coming to Klinik Wan & Keluarga to be an ordeal, but rather, an experience..
Klinik Wan & Keluarga isn't just a clinic for the sick, but rather a health centre.
Forward the URL to your love ones, friends, wife,sisters,mother,cousin,colleagues,etc...

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Eric said...

Dr. Wan

Well done on talk on Saturday. Your enthusiasm and energy is applauseable! It is very rare to find a doctor like you who is passionate and with high spirits!

You got to keep on and not giving up! The only way to save more women is not by having more victims making it the 2nd killer, it is actually by promoting more awareness.

Though it is a small crowd, but 80% ladies came for the jab. Like you said, there will be many campaign to come. This is the first talk which will lead to many more successful one in future. It was not draggy at all, the pictures are interesting. In future, any support you require from us, please do not hesitate at all.

Good luck!

Ms. Oon (it's Mr. )

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